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Dementia Villages USA

Is Dementia care heading for the Village? Dementia villages are slowly popping up around the world as the place to be for dementia sufferers. The Netherlands, Canada, England are all experimenting with these villages. When I first started working with elderly patients back in the early 2000s, my facility had a dementia unit. There was Read More

Possible Links to Dementia

The list of things with possible links to dementia is long and continues to grow. Most links are determined through research and trials conducted over the years. However, it is important to understand that links don’t necessarily cause dementia but may only increase the likelihood of a person acquiring a condition. For dementia, there are Read More

Silver Alert, Dementia

“A Silver Alert is a public notification system in the united states to broadcast information about missing persons – especially seniors citizens with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other mental disabilities – in order to aid in locating them.” (Wikipedia) Some states like Arizona, Florida, new jersey, California, Texas, and Wisconsin, have a system that allows Read More

New Research for Dememtia

New research for a cure for dementia has intensified over the years. We can probably safely say that it is now in a race against time. With no cure in sight, the baby-boomers maybe standing on a slippery slope. For millions of us, it is a wait-and-see situation. For some of us it is wait-and-see Read More

Alcoholic Dementia and Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome

Alcoholic Dementia is a condition caused by excessive, long term alcohol consumption that results in problems with memory, learning and cognitive skills. Korsakoff Syndrome is a chronic memory disorder caused by a severe deficiency of thiamine. Thiamine helps brain cells produce energy from sugar. When Thiamine levels fall too low, brain cells are not able Read More

Can Dementia Be Prevented?

Can Dementia be prevented? A growing number of researchers are coming to the conclusion that DEMENTIA CAN BE PREVENTED or delayed if we just apply the right mix of Diet, physical exercise, intellectual activity, and social engagement. Of course, there are some built-in risk factors that we have little or no control over, such as: Read More

Falls in Patients with Dementia

Falls rank in the top 3 of accidents affecting the elderly in care facilities and is, therefore, the source of many lawsuits. According to WebMD’s, Alzheimer’s News falls are the leading cause of disability, premature nursing home placement, and death among older adults. It is believed that people with Dementia fall two to three times Read More

Care Options For Dementia Patients

Care Options can range from living at home to getting full-time care in a Special Care Unit (SCU). Options for Dementia patients are most often determined by the individual’s stage of Dementia. Caregivers for individuals with mild Dementia have a number of options but as the disease progresses, options become more limited. Having options allow Read More

7 Stages of Dementia

The 7 Stages of Dementia is not as widely spoken about as the 3 stages of Dementia. Most people recognize Dementia as a three-stage process, Mild Dementia, Moderate Dementia, and Severe Dementia. It may also be referred to as, Early Dementia, Middle Dementia, and Late stage Dementia. There are actually seven stages of dementia. Over Read More

Types of Dementia in The Elderly

Dementia has been around for more than 100 years without a cure. Today, there are ten well-known types of Dementia consuming the elderly population. Alzheimer’s Disease Frontotemporal Dementia Lewy Body Dementia Vascular Dementia Mixed Dementia Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Parkinson’s Disease Huntington’s Disease Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome Alzheimer’s Disease Alzheimer’s Disease was named after Dr. Alois Read More

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